* by george ezra Barcelona I still long to hold her once more, oh, My boots of leather, From your [?] I gather you know, know, Every time you have to go Shone my eyes and you know I’ll be lying right by your side In Barcelona A native man sang in a foreign tongue,… Lees verder Barcelona

Leaving it up to you

* by george ezra I walk past the buildings of an architect’s un-imagination Returning to the venue where we had that very first conversation To see you again, to be your friend, to hold you in my mind And I arrived there early and as always you swanned in much later As if nothing had… Lees verder Leaving it up to you

Cassy O’

* by george ezra Cassy’s got a new plan Gotta get herself away Well, I’d better act quick Yeah, I’d better change my ways Oh, maybe I’m wasting Maybe I’m chasing time Oh, come on, let’s face it I’m only ever lost in mine Well, I got my tracing paper So that I could trace… Lees verder Cassy O’

Die you hear the rain

* by George ezra Did you hear the thunder? Or the rain? Means I’m coming home again Means I’m coming home my friend Did you steal my name? Oh, you Jack of all trades You’re the master of none Oh, the race has begun I was born a champion I was born to jump and… Lees verder Die you hear the rain